Album: Eel (2016)

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Song: You left me dry

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ABSENTA is an extreme metal band formed in late 2001 in the city of Córdoba (Andalusia, Spain). Vocalist Ramón DR and guitarrist Agui, gather a group of friends to give life to the project. Influenced by the Black Metal scene at the moment, Absenta are nourished by guitars, bass, drums keyboards and vocals to create their first compositions and take them live. The first sign of musical life was the demo released on 2004 THE THING AR THE DOORSTEP. At this moment the band develope numerous performances, among which could be highlighted the ones at the competition of amateur bands at Sala Malevaje (Almería, '04), Sala Ritmo y Compás (Madrid '05) or the fifth Metal Lords Festival (Córdoba '06) in front of more than 500 spectators. After some line-up changes, Jorge OC takes the bass position coinciding with the band's second work recording. BAETICUM it's released on 2007 coming across radio stations and national and international media. The most important highlight in this time happens with the performance at Valhalla Metal Festival (Córdoba '08), from wich one material to record a DVD was taken. In 2009, incorporating Félix RT on drums it's a salutary and marks the beginning of a period of stability from wich of material for recording the first full album of the band arises. UNDER THE SIGHT OF MULHACEN is published in 2010 and distributed internationally reaching countries such as France, Belgium, Poland, Finland, among others. In 2012, Luis TS joins the
band. This fact, together with the decision months before getting rid of keyboards, Absenta makes a twist to their compositions and develop new stylistic concepts. In recent years the band has performed at various festivals as has been preparing the material for what will be the second studio album. EEL, which likely will be released in early 2016, was recorded at Mart Estudios in Córdoba, with Manuel Martinez (Estirpe) at the controls.